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    Default ISO a peep

    I'm looking for a receiver mounted peep for my marlin 45-70 guide gun.
    I had seen one in a magazine months ago but foolishly did not buy the mag or write down the name of the manuf. and I have not yet had any luck locating it on the web.
    The peep mounted on top of the receiver and doubled as the rear scope mount base (weaver style?). As best as I can remember, the peep worked with the factory height front sight blade when the scope is removed. It was not a shoot-thru type mount.
    Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ernie.

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    I believe both Williams Gunsight ( ) and Extreme Sights ( ) make what you're looking for. I hope this helps.

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    Default XS

    The XS Sight Systems peep sight is easy to install, rugged, reliable, adjustable and reasonably priced.

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    Default only my 2 cents

    I would go to Wild West Guns. I used the XS sites and it was okay but not the best. A buddy of mine has the williams site with a replaced white dot on the barrel but it is an older one and I couldn't find that set up. For about $149 WWG did a great job, and also put a covered fiber optic tip on as well. I shoot much better with this over the XS set up.
    Good luck.


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