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Thread: When is it time to change bait stands?

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    Default When is it time to change bait stands?

    I got my bait out early in the Fairbanks Area off of standard creek rd. It was out with snow still on the ground. I have to be that close because my wife and I are expecting our first child any day now and i dont have the ability to travel too far just in case. My question is I havent had a single hit and I was wondering when will I know if the stand isnt going productive. Also when is it too late to set up a new stand. Any suggestions would help.

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    Default don't worry about no hits

    Don't worry about it. Bears aren't even out yet. Give it another 3 weeks, but it is still early. Load your station up with bait and come back like next weekend. Once they hit though..... git r done! They are just not out yet. If you aren't getting hits by like the 25th, you may have a problem but I really doubt it. You'll have bears, just give it time.
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    Talking standard creek

    I hunted that area last year with no luck. I was 20 miles and the last time i hunted it i had a stand 50 yards from my bait so i just gave up. Good luck i am a new baiter i went up to the minto area but dont have a quad. I am about a half of a mile in hopefully that is good enough. we shall see. Well good luck man

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    Hey dont worry guys, take pikes advice. The bears just arent out yet. Dont get all excited because others are posting that they are getting hit. Every year you have the early birds that venture out. Ive had my bait out for 3 weeks now and still nothing. Like pike said if nothing by the 25th then think about doing something different. Last year I was getting hit hard by the 15th but by nothing but grizz. I had between 10-15 different grizz on the site for 2+ weeks, was great but got tired of spending time and money on something we cant shoot over bait so decided to move on the 1st of June to the area Im at now, 6 hours after the new site was in I had a black hit it. Just make sure you have some good stanking s**t on the site, hang it high and play the waiting game...dont worry if it stinks they will come. Like my buddy told me this year, you never know who is around you so make your site better then the next guys so you keep them coming back.....good luck and keep posting

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    The first hit on the bait stand last year was may 22nd. I had about 10 days of blacks hitting the stand before papa grizz and all of his cousins wrecked the party. Although the blackies still came to the bait just during the day and not at night when the Grizz thugs showed up.

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    Anyone have suggestions to areas within an hour of Fairbanks. I dont need a Pope and Young bear just a respectable one for a first time bear hunter.


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