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Thread: Remington XCR vs Browning A-bolt w/ BOSS

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    Question Remington XCR vs Browning A-bolt w/ BOSS

    On the fence between getting a Browning A-bolt with Boss system (has both muzzle break and conventional recoil) or Remingston XCR with its new fancy coating. Looking for 338 WM caliber. Or maybe wait until the x-bolts start showing up in stores?

    Thoughts and comments would be appretiated,

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    Default XCR

    I bought a XCR 2 years ago when they were first out. It is in 375 H&H. It is an overall nice weapon to shoot, looks great and can really take the abuse. The R3 system makes that 375 feel like a 12 gauge with bird shot. Good luck in your quest.


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    Default 300 Xcr

    I bought a 300 Win Mag XCR last year and love the rifle!! It is a tack driver!!

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    I've owned both and have settled on the Remy XCR chambered in .375 RUM... I had the barrel chopped down to 21" and have an EO Tech red dot sight on top of it for close quarters battle with big bears in the alders....

    I shoot 300 gr Barnes TSX hand loads out of it! It weighs about 7 lbs fully loaded with 5 extra rounds on the stock and a sling.... yeah it kicks!

    - Clint


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