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    Default Carlisle oars

    was just in west marine getting some oil and saw they carry all kinds of NRS accessories now. I picked up some carlisle oars, they also have cataracts too. Pretty nice having a place closer to home to pick that stuff up from. Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up.

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    Default Competition is good

    It's always nice to see another local place to buy rafting equipment. When I'm not in a hurry, I order directly from NRS. Their shipping is very reasonable and is usually less than the markup placed on stuff by the local reseller(s). Thanks for the tip.

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    Default local competition does better

    I just bought 9.5' HD Carlisle oars with 8" blades at 6th Avenue Outfitters. They were $10 cheaper than West Marine on the shafts and $5 lower on the blades. Same price as NRS-web and NO shipping charges =)

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    Default Carlisle construction

    Just curious. I used Carlisle oars for years and found them to be very tough, but I am wondering whether or not they have addressed an issue that I found frustrating. The oars I had were set up w/ a pair of inter-locking pipes/tubes when you joined the two sections, and the tolerances were very tight. It was very precise and quality engineering/construction, but if you got a tiny bit of sand/grit between the inner sleeves, forget getting the oars apart. The aluminum galled on me when I once tried to break the oar down, and even w/ pipe wrenches I could not budge them. Thus, I used a 2-pc oar and a one-pc oar the last few years. Is the design the same?

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    Hasn't changed, or at least not enough to stop the problem. Most of my oars still come apart, but not all of them. I prefer solid oars anyway. I've broken a few of the breakdown ones. They snap right at the joint. You can get the one piece oars into a small plane with the blades off, so who needs the extra parts?


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