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Thread: Boat Safety

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    Default Boat Safety

    I have heard so many horror stories about boats.
    I purchased a boat last year to take my son fishing on and am thinking about buying the Autotether ( for it. My son is young and I want to be assured that he is safe on board.
    Has anyone used it?

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    Default Get the best PFD for him that you can find

    I think if someone went overboard out of the boat I would rather be able to control the boat with the engine running then to have it shut off and be w/o power. The other alternative, of course, is if you flew out and he were left alone in the boat, then, maybe the device would be of some value. No one gets in my boat w/o a good PFD, including me. Sometimes that seems like a bit of overkill, but its easy to get into a difficult situation even in smooth water.

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    Things happen in threes, beat that by having more than that for safety gear on board. PFD's that are comfy and always on, knife secured near the anchor line to cut it, throw rope with a "lemon" float near the stern, throw device, ditch bag with all the stuff, survival knife on you that you can cut yourself away from a tangled mess, fire extinguishers, tools, etc, etc... You have to stack the odds in your favor, one device won't do it, its a combination of stuff and sense. Take the boating seamanship class, it will be one of the biggest safety devices you ever had!

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    Default I second meyers!!

    What he said! boating class is the single best thing to do. It will give you all the above advice he said and then some, and after the class you will be a ble to determine what YOUR boat really needs, they will discuss many subjects, not all will apply to you, but most will, and a little extra knowledge is great!


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