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Thread: Wooldridge Sport 2000 Modifications

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    Default Wooldridge Sport 2000 Modifications

    Will try to post several pictures to show following:

    bow rails, rope locker, anchor mount, remote control Yamaha T-8, gauges & electronics, life raft storage
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    Default more pics

    more pics of Sport mods
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    Default more pics

    more sport mods
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    Thumbs up

    She is lookin good! Love those high bow rails. Is your anchor held in the mount by a quick release pin?

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    Default Good projects all

    Hey, how bout that suicide knob? Where did you get the rails?

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    Default rails, knob & anchor

    rails - by Silverstreak @ $550 for 11 running feet on each side
    anchor - held in place by quick release pin
    suicide knob - courtesy of previous owner & John Deere Tractors (very handy, I use it constantly)

    This is my attempt at the "all purpose" boat for shallow rivers, ocean, and large lakes.

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    Looks great...see it every morning. Hi neighbor.

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    Thumbs up Awesome!!!

    as you know I have pretty much the same boat. VERY Nice!!!!! I was going to put the same kicker motor setup in this year, but with the new baby in the house this summer the amount I would use it, well I couldn't justify the cost this year. The wife says He will be allowed in the boat next year, so next spring you will see the same setup on my boat.
    If ya wouldn't mind, I REALLY like the anchor chain locker, How much, who did it, how much rope/chain do you have in there? I might even come over and check it out if you wouldn't mind!
    By the way nice suspension seat, wish mine had one, looking for 2 low profile ones so I can mount them on top of the boxes, it would keep me AND the WIFE happy!!

    AS always nice boat,
    talk to you soon!

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    Default rope locker

    I made the rope locker myself with aluminum angle stock for the frame.
    The angle stock is bolted or metal screwed to the boat. It is strong enought that you can step anywhere you want.

    There is 600 ft of 1/2 nylon line & about 15 feet of chain stuffed in there. it is a very tight fit and I may have to cut off 50 or 75 feet of line. Since the hatch cover is only a soft top, I want it to be stuffed full when closed so you can step on the soft cover if you want to. Could not figure out a way to easilly make an aluminum hatch that folds out of the way....

    It took forever to make because most of the pieces are curved (some in two directions). About $200 material total with $100 of that being a 2ft x 4ft piece of 1/8" diamond plate (I called lots of shops and nobody had a scrap so I had to go retail......)

    I really want to get a good MIG welder and gun and learn to weld........

    Now if it only had a fish box! Why does Wooldridge who basically makes fish boxes not provide fish boxes standard on all their models?????

    TBLOOMA: I live in South Anchorage and you are welcome to come by any time. Send me a PM and I can give you address and phone number.


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