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Thread: muskratin' (take two)

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    Question muskratin' (take two)

    Whoops, my internet connection failed. Are there any good areas for muskrat trapping aroung the gulkana and highways in that area? Jim rearden referenced the area in "Alaskas Wolf Man", a very good book about longtime resident Frank Glaser. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Be careful getting on the ice if there is any. I've never been trapping up that way I usually go south. If the ice is out try the floating trap set up. Build a raft and anchor it with a can of rocks, put your foothold on top, wire it to the raft. Attach the raft to a shore line of some type so you can retrieve it. It is in their nature to crawl up onto floating objects and then SNAP! Season is open till Jun 10th, maybe I get up ther too! Good luck to ya!
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