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Thread: Processors for dipped fish

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    Default Processors for dipped fish

    This will be my first year dipnetting. My wife and I have been trying to decide what to do with the fish. I don't have a smoker and I'm renting the house we live in. I was thinking of using Indian Valley Meats for making some smoked fish and processing.

    I've filleted lots of fish, but it sure would be nice to kick back and relax, maybe have a beer, and then pick up professionally packed and smoked fish.

    Anybody use Indian Valley meats? Any other recommended processors?
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    I would save the money and buy a 60-100 dollar smoker- they can do 5-8 fillets at once for the standard model and are extremely easy to operate, id check the alaskan pantry forum for some delicous recipies

    But if youre minds set on having it commercially processed try the blue building near the diamond center area costco (forgot name sorry )

    Its extremely easy to find, right next to the toys R us entrance, had my first king ever caught there ( when i was 8 or 10? ) done and it was PHENOMENOL, they make great smoked halibut too and offer free samples of everything even if you dont intend on buying their product

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    I used 10th & M in the past and have found that they have both the best prices and very high quality.

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    Default smoking in seward

    If you are going to be in Seward you should try T-NTs smoke house. They do several types of smoked strips and filets. There is no extra charge for fileting and they also carry Ol'Glenns smoked wild salmon. The place is the old Glacier fresh seafoods with new owners. They do a good job. Enjoy.


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