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Thread: Browning Buckmark?

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    Default Browning Buckmark?

    I just bought the wife one of these guys with a 5.5" Bull barrel and Hi-viz sights. Anybody know what type of 22 LR ammo they like best? I have a ton of CCI Hiper-velocity on hand and would like to feed it that stuff.

    I have never owned a semi-auto 22 before, and was just curious about ammo selection. Do the cycle the subs, standard, and hyper stuff all about the same? Any advice/tips/tricks would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Jake

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    My son is a Buckmark fan. His will shoot about anything without fail. Your CCI fodder should do well!

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    I've got the same model of Buckmark and have yet to find anything that it wouldn't cycle. If you want to find the "ultimate ammo" for it, just go to the range with as many different types of .22 ammo as you've got or can get and shoot it all to see what groups the best. Every pistol is going to have its favorite fodder so what works well in one won't necessarily work as well in another.
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    Mine used to really like the CCI stuff, I gave it a good cleaning and now it's just good+. Can't really say anything bad about them.

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    Default mine feeds

    everything as long as I use a factory Browning magazine. The aftermarket
    no-name magazines don't feed with my gun and cause ejection problem to boot. Federal target is very accurate. The subsonic stuff will not cycle the bolt but is quiet enough to use in the garage with a snail trap.
    I wish that Browning would bring back the dry-fire feature that was present on the old medalist series pistols.
    If you want a lighter barrel of different lengths, check out Tac-sol, there is a
    local distributor on the west side of town. Enjoy, e.

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    Default Sweeeeet shooter

    My browning buckmark is a sweet shooter(1 1\2" groups @ 25yds.) with Remington round nose bullets. No feeding problems ever!


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