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Thread: Float Hunting , Optic's ??

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    Default Float Hunting , Optic's ??

    I am in the field for a new set of optic's .
    I either need to get a set of bino's or a good spotting scope .
    Most of my moose cand caribou hunts will be done through Float hunts .
    From you guys that have done a lot of float hunts what do you find that works the best for you ?? or both .
    I will be looking in the range of around 1,000 dollars.

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    I have a pair of 8x42mm Leica binos, and a Pentax 80mm ED scope. One cannot replace the other. Depending on your location, the binos may serve you far better, as you can easily look through them in a second, the spotter is another story.

    I would suggest the binos. Take time to make sure they are set for your eyes and you'll find you will be able to see what you need to. My 8x42's are perfect for me; I get the mag I want, but not so much I spend time trying to find what I wanted to look at. Floating along you'll be glassing along each side of the river/slough each time you make a curve, you don't want to get a headache.

    I've used mine doing wildlife survey's along the Kuskokwim and last year when I caught my moose out of Kotlik.
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