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Thread: Bear hunting near talkeetna

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    Default Bear hunting near talkeetna

    How is the bear hunting near talkeetna ?Thinking about maybe catching the hurricane and hunting back in .any opinions ??Dumb idea or not

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    Default Bear-Talkeetna

    We were just out that way last week (Petersville?) and could only go so far before snow prevented further movement, not sure what it's like now?

    (Last week = 7 May)

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    I just returned from a hunt just north of Talkeetna and it was bleak. We hiked in on snowshoes...(Whew was that hardest hike of my life...). We saw one set of tracks at about 1500 feet and nothing beyond that. not sure if we went too high or what but there was no sign else where. Good luck in your endeavor. The great thing is just being out in this great state...Denali was out in full view every day...awe inspriring to say the least.
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