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    Question Follow-Up shots

    I think a thread a few months ago discussed guides following-up their clients' shots with their own to quickly and safely kill the animal. This type of action by a guide is legal and also part of their responsibility to quickly dispatch the animal and ensure it is recoverable--not to mention that sometimes it is for the safety of all involved.

    My question is what about when 2 hunters are afield together, neither one a guide--is the situation any different? For example, if one hunter has the sole tag for an animal and shoots the animal first can the other also shoot to anchor the animal before it escapes into the brush/over the mountain, into an unrecoverable spot?

    And if the answer it no in this scenario, would it change when a resident is "guiding" a relative within 2nd degree of kinship?

    Thanx for you thoughts and opinions on this topic.

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    This is just a guess, but I imagine that it would be ok for the second hunter to put in a follow-up shot as long as he also held any required tags or harvest tickets for the animal being taken.

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    Default Interpretation

    That sinario gives the Brown Shirts lots of room for interpretation. I don't like being in the "Gray" area.

    You better consult the large legal text books that govern us sportsmen. We only get a portion of the picture from the standard publications.

    Better your local fish cop. Its his interpretation that will judge your hunt.

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    I think as long as the person with the tag takes first shot, your ok. If im shooting a brown bear I sure as hell want everyone trying to get on the ground.
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