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    So I have heard all kinds of ways people paint their beads, the paper bag, the acetone, the special nail polish. What are some favorites? I had an opportunity to raid my sisters nail polish collection recently and found that there is no simple white... There are lots of colors just like in my bead box. Is there one that people find marbles better?

    Maybe kind of a pointless question to some but it would seem to me that products for painting would vary a bit....
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    I found some of my wife old fingernail polish. So old it does not even have the label on it anymore. It is a creamy white (almost like confection sugar and water mix) I just brush it on some beads all different colors and sizes. The sad part it with all the beads i have Im not sure if it has ever worked. My guess is it has but most of the beads you can buy now have pretty good color mixed in with them. Id say paint some beads up and keep them seperate. Try them and see which ones work best. I have been using beads off the shelf for 3 years now sizes 6, 8, 10, 12. All colors oranges, creamsicle orange, pink, creamsicle pink, champange etc etc. I find what works on hour might not the next. I guess that is part of the challenge too. Then I have had those days I catch 20 fish on the same bead not changing a thing. Just my early morning thoughts
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    I dont fish beads hardly at all but I did give the paper bag and spray paint method a go and it worked very well. Found plenty of all the white white you could want for cheap.

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    Hundred years ago when I first started painting beads I looked for Nude color fingernail polish. Worked like a champ now it is difficult to know just how the polish will look, is it too translucent, too much sparkle?

    I look mainly for a white pearl now. Thinking about mixing some colors I have for different effect.

    Kinda stings whent your daughter comes home from college for Christmas and asks if she can use some of your collection .

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    Let me start by saying I'm just learning about bead entomology. I like the paper bag method. You can get two different effects with the paper bag. One is a misted misting two to three blast of paint in on top of the beads. And the other is a mottled spraying the paint in one little spot in the bag and then adding the beads and giving the bag a good shake..verying the amount of shaking and paint gives just a little mottle or a lot. I've tried eeverything from white-pink-water melon and sand. The color of the bead you start with has an effect also and if it's gtlossy or dull. Below are a couple of photos..The bottom 4 beads is a 8mm pink bead that I found the other day at a crafts store. And, I have a selection of beads from
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    Default Full dip

    I like molted colors too, but don't rule out the solid colors either. Try orange or dark red beads. Get some french ivory nail polish dump it in a film canister or small container of some sort, put them on a tooth pick and dunk em. You can stick them in a piece of styraphome to dry...I use a motorized epoxy fly turning wheel. One or two coats is fine, for extra toughness dip em in a clear epoxy. Also you can put a single dot of red or orange or pink to simulate a fertilzed egg.

    Good looking beads tfish!

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    tfish, those are some nice beads! I've never tried the paper bag method, but that has inspired me.

    I have tried a lot of different types of nail polish and bead colors. I've found the best beads to start with are ground (not injected) clear chartreuse beads such as the "finest quality round plastic beads" from Cabelas. These don't have the air bubble in them. I then use a variety and mix of nail polish colors to get what I'm looking for.

    You can't beat 2 smooth layers of orange + one quick swirl of ivory. Or a couple of layers of peach pearl. The possibilities are endless.

    George, I had a lot of luck with 3 layers of goldish pearl over a sz 10 chartreuse when I guided there on the flats (hope there aren't any ARL guides reading this...)

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    Cool Polish

    I've had the best luck with "innocent nude" and "shear pearl" nail polish. You just gotta make sure you send your girl/wife in to buy it when you are somewhere other than Alaska. I got some weird looks down here in Arizona...


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