I love being on the ocean.
If I had my druthers, I'd educate myself sufficiently to pilot my own boat and hit the Great Blue for recreational enjoyment. But with my limited means to do so at present, I'll settle for some weekend fun with a sea-faring Captain in need of a Galley Mate. I've worked on several types of boats before, lending a hand with the manual chores, cooking for the crew, etc. I'm not fearful and don't mind doing hard work. Ok...in the Not-So-Perfect Department: I'm a bit "squeemish" about gutting a fish , but I most certainly enjoy seafaring cuisine of all sorts. I'm NOT fussy or icky otherwise.

I don't want another summer to get away without spending that all-too-valuable time adrift. Maybe there's someone out who could just plain use help with the boat chores? I'm off work Fri-Sun in the summer (work 4-tens).