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Thread: Drysuit Divers on the Kenai Peninsula?

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    Default Drysuit Divers on the Kenai Peninsula?

    I didn't quite know where to post this. I'm considering getting my dry suit cert and was wondering if there is work to be had along the peninsula for a guy with his own gear and tanks.
    I was thinking of getting the rest of my gear here in Colorado and get my cert up there. I'm already an open water diver qualified with a few dives under my belt.

    Any suggestions?



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    I've done a little work in the Southeast around Ketchikan and POW island.

    I haven't had anyone here ask about doing any bottom work. If you are looking at doing bottom work, I'd recommend neoprene seals. I have a cheap abyss neoprene suit for working and a TLS for diving.

    It's messy, crap viz, and monotonous. It's definately not something you do for fun. That being said, it pays pretty well for a few hours of work.

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