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Thread: Learning to fly.

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    Smile Learning to fly.

    Hi, I am an aspiring young pilot that has a few hours in a 172, but can't really afford lessons from a school. I would really love to find a new CFI with a plane to help me build hours. I'll get the gas, and we both can build up log book time. Six packs of good beer would also be passed along, but only after the flights... Ha! (kind of a bad joke) Or if anyone would just like to mentor a young pilot, that would be cool too. I would really like to have my private knocked out before mid July, as I am going to the lower 48 to see family, and would love to take them flying. Also, I think it would be cool to have the license, because I am deploying to Kosovo in January, and am hoping to buy a plane when I get back... I live in Anchorage, and have a pretty open schedule during the days, so, if this is a possibility, contact me. Thanks!

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    I want my private pilot's license this summer for inexpensive. I have 9hrs with my brother from back in MN last fall. I will be available full-time june18th-august9th when I'm not taking care of the newborn or building my house ;-) ....could even trade computer expertise /fixing.


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