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Thread: King Caught At The Tailrace

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    Smile King Caught At The Tailrace

    I work in the fishing department at a local sporting goods store in the valley. We had a customer come in and pass on that the first King was caught at the tailrace. Anyone else have any word? We try hard to keep our customers informed but also want to pass on valid info. Thanks

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    Default Tailrace Kings

    I have heard the same story but have been there every other day or so for the past week and seen nothing ... that said someone has to catch the first one!


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    Default I Caught It!!

    I was visiting from Kentucky, I went to Wal-Mart and bought one of their $40.00 Combo Rods that comes with these funny looking lures. It had 20lb test mono line on it. I found the tail race and on my first cast I hooked into him. It was huge, I fought it for about 5 hours, I couldn't believe it when I got it in, no one was around to help me. I was the only one there, it weighed 79.4 pounds! It was AWESOME!!!! I heard that is pretty good, being an environmentalist I let it go of course, I did take pictures though. I posted it on the picture board at Sportsman's Warehouse in Wasilla. I might just stay for a while and try to catch anotherone. I like the tail race because nobody fishes there. Well good luck to you all this season!!

    Oh yhea, JUST KIDDING!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

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    Thought something soundid fishy

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    Default I agree

    Like your post Stanly. Glad you got the bunny hugger stuff in there. I agree it's a bit early. I don't expect good valid reports till the last week of May from the Little Su, Tailrace or Ship Creek to be the first. Trout fishing has been pretty good on the Parks streams and rivers. Had some good reports from the local lakes also. Tight lines everyone. Enjoy this good weather.


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