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Thread: Moose Hunt - Drop Off Services?

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    I have a friend who is going to come up from the lower 48 and go on a moose hunt with me. We are looking for a drop off and pick up service from Anchorage that put us on moose. Not to concerned about trophies, just a legal bull moose.

    We are on a budget, so cost is a concern. Any info would be appreciated.


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    Default Moose Hunt

    I sent you a PM

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    If you're on a budget and you're both in decent shape, maybe a walk-in off the road system might be more economical? If you pay someone to fly you out and you get a moose, might cost more to bring you back if it means extra flight for meat.

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    I could do a walk in, but I think our chances of suces are better the farther we get from civilization. Just looking to get a ride out and back from somone who can be pretty certain there are legal moose where they drop us. Thanks for the PMs, it gives me some options.


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