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Thread: Anyone used a planer board from Shore?

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    Default Anyone used a planer board from Shore?

    I saw a guy at the Eklutna Tailrace last year with a planer out in the current. He said his son used them all the time and he was trying it. This idea seems like a good idea for say the mouth of Montana Creek where it flows in to the susistna. You don't have to worry about drifting and casting all the time. Anyone else tried it, it would only work in a moderate to fast flowing river. I would think it would work with any of the fast flowing glacial rivers, maybe a spin and glow with eggs attached. Even a wiggle wart or kwikfish.

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    If the planer board is big enough I guess. I bought a smaller pink side planer and used a wiggle wart on it out of the boat while tied to the bank. The wiggle wart got the better of the planer and the best I could do was about 5" farther out into the river.
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    Default Yup, they work

    On the Nushagak, a couple guide camps and lots of my local buds will put them out in front of camp during lunch and the evenings and"adult beverages" while running on of the three terminal tackles you mention and they do well. But I think you're right, a slower to medium flow river works best, otherwise a larger kwik fish might drag em down.


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