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Thread: Kimber Model 84M Montana

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    Question Kimber Model 84M Montana

    Hello all, I have been thinking about buying a Kimber 84M "Montana". However, for every good report I read about the Kimber I read 3 bad ones...Light primer strikes, ejection problems, accuracy problems, and so on. I would like to hear the opinion of people that own Kimbers and if they would recommend the Kimber 84m to another and if they have had any problems with theirs.

    I know that some of these problems can be operator error...But, please throw your opinion in the hat.

    Thank you very much!
    Respectfully, bird-dog

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    Default Kimber Montana

    I own one chambered in .300wsm. I ordered it right after they went into production, and this has turned out to be probably my favorite rifle. I am a big model 70 fan and own 4 of them, but the Kimber is my #1 go to rifle. It shot 1/2" groups at 100yds right out of the box. This gun is very light weight (as I'm sure you know). So far the only thing I have shot with it is a few Sitka black tails and, very reluctantly, a couple brown bears. No problems with light hits on the primers, and no ejection problems. The only problem I have is, the feeding of rounds into the chamber is not as smooth as I like. I think this may be a problem with a lot of wsm's though.

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    Use the search function, theres pages of threads on the Kimbers.

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    I got an 84M Varmint in .22-250. First box of ammo misfired about 2 /3 of the time. Tried different ammo; same problem. Took it back to the store, and they swapped the firing pin with another on there, it hasn't failed to fire since.

    Next problem, failed to feed from one side of the magazine. I called Kimber and they patched me through to a guy in the Custom Shop, I think his name is Paul. I explained the problem, and he sent me a new follower. When I got the follower, though, it was too short to work in my magazine box. They had put the mag box for a .308-length case in mine, instead of the one with a spacer. I called Paul again and he sent me another box right away.

    Since then, I've had no problems with it.

    So, based on my experience, their Quality Control needs work (Call me crazy, but I believe a $1000 rifle should work, right out of the box), but customer service is outstanding; they made it right, as soon as possible, with no hassle. But a little more attention to detail before the rifle left the factory would have prevented this, and I'd be much more confident buying another.

    So, in my opinion, yes it'll be a good rifle, but it might take a little frustration to get it there.

    ...and the rifle is very nice...and accurate!

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    Default Much better now

    I have had quite a few Kimbers - in both the Classic and Montana. I did have problem with three about 3 years ago - two with light triggers and one with a twisting walnut stock.
    A gunsmith showed me how to fix the first light trigger and I fixed the second. Kimber has been taken to the "woodshed" on this and other sites - as well they should. However of late I would say that Kimber has gotten the "message" and is turning out much better products. Of the 5 I bought in the last year, they all have been less than MOA - from a .223 to a .338WM.
    I'd get one and certainly keep us informed.

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    Default Kimber 8400

    I've got a Kimber 8400 in .338 and it's making me crazy. It's an attractive, well handling rifle, particularly given the 26 inch barrel, and has a well designed stock and recoil pad that make it very comfortable to shoot, notwithstanding its light weight. But, I can't get it to shoot a five shoot group inside of 2 inches. Federal Premium Nosler Partition 250s "group" about 4 inches. I've tried a variety of 225 and 250 loads, commericial and handloaded, but the best I can do is 3 or 4 shots in about 1-1.5 group and then a flyer an inch away.

    I'll cop to operor error, but at the same time I'm shooting these groups with the Kimber, I'm getting 1 inch groups with my Rem. 700, 7mm, and Whitworth, .375. I don't know what I'm going to do with this Kimber, but I'm unlikely to buy another. I'll be watching this string with interest because I've been surprised at the bad press Kimber has gotten, but my experience has been disappointing.

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    Just a heads up for someone looking to buy a Montana, Frontier Outfitters in Fairbanks has the Montanas on sale right now for $999 and they had a 325WSM and a few LA's (30-06 and 300WM I think).

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    Default Great Prices

    Those are some great prices on Kimbers, either Classics or Montanas.
    IMO Alaska dictates all weather models. Good luck.

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    Smile Kimber Rifles

    Thank you for all of the input...It's greatly appreciated!

    Respectfully, Kurt


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