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Thread: Brown Bear-How late is too late!

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    Default Brown Bear-How late is too late!

    Have been going on a brown bear hunt now for almost a month. My Outfitter has cancelled it three times. Started out for mid-April and has moved weekly since then due to bad weather. Now I'm booked for the last 10 days- May 16-25. Is this too late? Should I go for it, or wait till next spring? I know this has been an odd year but I'm worried about rubbed hides. Going in the Dillingham, Portage Creek area. Ice is still on the "Nush" but will be gone by then.Any help/guidance is appreciated.

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    Trust the guides advice, if he didn't think he could get you a nice bear with an unrubbed hide he would probably say so. If your that worried try contacting the biologist for that area, he should be able to help you.

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    Default Brown Bear-How late is too late?

    My guide says it's a crap shoot this year! Hasn't been able to get on the river to really check things out, but hasn't seen much bear sign around his camps either? Still lots of snow in his area so he's hopeful the bears are just coming out and won't become too itchy and rub, but we're also a week away. Weather looks to remain cool-cold for this time of year. I was hoping others would have experience hunting at this time of year and would be willing to share their perspective.
    I must add that my guide has been most accomodating in postponing my hunt due to uncertain weather conditions. Some Outfitters would just have their clients come when scheduled and let the cards fall where they may. This Outfitter has "bent over backwards" in trying to get the odds in my favor. But even he can't control Mother Nature!
    Thanks for any insight you may have to offer.

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    As an aside, i've been looking for a brown bear for the last month and have only seen a scant few so even in the subtropical south central the bears are not out in force yet. Still lots of deep snow in the high country and north facing slopes still have a fair amount of snow on them. Sounds like you have a good guide.

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    Default Brown Bear-How late is too late?

    Haven't had the priveledge of meeting him face to face. But the way he has conducted himself towards me and my hunt speaks volumes (to me) about his integrity!
    Really looking fwd to meeting him, getting a big brownie, then advertising it, for the whole world to see his guiding expertise. That's the least I can do to show my appreciation

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    Default Try to shoot a PM

    To Gusuk1. He is a guide out there and lives in that area of Portage Creek I believe. Maybe he is your guide? He would know what is going and seemed like a nice guy.

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    Default That's good!

    You'll want to do the last week of season this year, man. He's hooking you up. That's why he's the guide, I guess.

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    Thumbs up Spring Bear

    I know your guide. From my impression of him he is as genuine a guy as I have ever met in Alaska. All in all I think you are lucky to have him as a guide, and I think he will go out of his way to help you get a trophy that you will be happy with for many years. If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me.


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