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Thread: retreiver training books

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    Default retreiver training books

    I trained my previous retreiver with the Richard A Wolters book "water dog". Latley they have been getting some bad press, (outdated makes problems/bad habbits ect.) and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on different bookes to use.

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    Default Training Materials

    For a good overall understanding from beginning to end, you can't beat Julie Knutson. She has a book available through her website at She has an unbelieveable understanding of dogs and humans. Although she deals primarily with pointing labs, she knows the deal and presents information well. She has always been willing to help and has answered emails promptly. Check out her website, particularily the "Tip of the Month" section.

    For advanced retreiver work, Mike Lardy and Evan Graham put out some good material. I haven't personally looked at any of Graham's work, but I have Lardy's and was really impressed.

    There's tons of information available. Check out some of the retriever sites, ask questions, then pick a program anda stick with it. The key is putting in quality time and being consistent, which is harder than it sounds.

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    Default retreiver books

    I have purchased the labrador retrievers for dummies book and while the title is funny the book does have some good info in it and it has helped me out alot. since i am a beginner in the labrador area. and it does have alot of resources in it. i also heard about the waterdogs book and i looked at it and it reminded me of watching the movies in school that were from the 50's and 60's and i am sure that styles have changed since then lol. i can still hear the sound track stuttering in the back of my mind.
    hope this helps in a direction or something lol

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    I would second Roscoe, I have Julie's book and have been to one of her seminars in Colorado, it was great.

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    Evan Graham's Smartwork books/videos are easy to understand.


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