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Thread: Weekend Trip!!!

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    Default Weekend Trip!!!

    Need some advice. My wife is leaving for California for a week tomorrow. So for a small piece of time my "duties and responsibilities" around the house are on pause. This weekend its just me and my lab!! I want to drive somewhere for a weekend trip. I got a tent, sleeping bag, waders, salt and fresh water fishing tackle. Im up for catching anything, and I'll drive and hike as far as I have too to do it. I just want some worry free fishing time with me and my dog. lol, and for those of you thinking it, I dont need a divorce! Anyone got any ideas?

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    Default Borrow a canoe

    Head to some of the Kenai Pen lakes. You and your pup and some light gear should be able to bag some bows or landlocked salmon. From some of the post on other threads sounds like the ice is going out on them as we speak and the fishes will be coming out of thier slumber and getting hungry
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