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    i am going to be staying at a few hotels from july 2-9.they are hotel alyeskan girdwood,pikes waterfront lodge,fairbanks ,grande denali,talkeetna alaskan lodge and the anchorage marriott downtown. yes this is the land part of a cruise tour package and it is what i have to work with. if i can get any input on areas with in walking distance or reasonable guides with flexible hours it would be greatly appreciated . i would also like advice on rod selections, i can cover most situations
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    While at the Anchorage Marriot you'll be within walking distance of Ship Creek. Your dates aren't ideal, but you may be able to catch some of the tail end of the king run or the very beginning of the silver run. Watch this forum for updates, and think of contacting Jim Lavrakas who offers a guide service on Ship Creek.

    While in Girdwood you won't have access to fishing within walking distance, but there is some fantastic hiking right out the door of the hotel. Take advantage of the Winner Creek trail and get away from the crowds for a while. The trail starts out as more of a road, but quickly becomes more remote.

    While at the Talkeetna Lodge, you might want to consider contacting Tri-River Charters for some king salmon fishing. The king fishing at Clear Creek should still be good, so that might be your best bet of all to really get into some salmon.

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    Sounds like a good plan. I don't know how long you will be in Anchorage but I might be worth it to rent a car while your there. You have allot of fishing close by but if you want an epic trip I wouldn't limit your fishing to downtown Anch. To the south you have Salmon fishing in full force on the Kenai Penn. which is only about a two and a half hour drive which is doable for a day of great fishing. For a good roadside salmon rod a would bring something around a 10-20 lb. 8 footer or so with a good backbone. a good trout rod wouldn't hurt to have with you either. Good luck!
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