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Thread: Sheep Banquet/ SFW

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    Default Sheep Banquet/ SFW

    Went to the Kenai Sheep banquet 2 weekends ago,they were advertising how to get more sheep on the mtn.

    Ralph Seekins from SFW was the only one to speak,he is for taking out more preadators to increase moose,sheep,ect.
    I totally agree with taking more pradators,but also think we need to limit the number of non-resident sheep tags that are allowed.

    Does any one have any info on this organization or oppinons?Good and bad.


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    here you go:

    Strangely enough it was this outfit that lobbied hard to kept sheep "out" of the active management and the wildlife assets bills this legislative session.

    If you are a nonresident and a guide you might find them palatable.

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    Default SFW Bad for Local Hunters

    SFW has promoted and established carving out 5% of the available tags for drawing hunts in idaho, a state where almost all hunting is drawing hunts, for the highest bidder. That's right, not for the general public resident hunter, just the rich and famous.

    They will step on the local hunter hard and try to establish regs that favor their out of state hunting buddies with the $.

    Check out the other states where they have got a foot hold like idaho

    They are a freaky organization


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