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Thread: 325 WSM Owners: Assistance Requested...

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    Default 325 WSM Owners: Assistance Requested...

    Looking for BC and ballistic data for a 200 gr load. Shooting Winchester XP3 factory ammo. They (Winchester Engineers) have yet to test/publish the data. I could spend the coin and buy a few more boxes, shoot and take down data, but with the price of ammo, I'm trying to be conservative (call me cheap). If you 325 WSM owners shoot this fine caliber, and are willing to share notes, I'd be appreciative, Thanks in advance...
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    Default My thoughts

    I shoot the Winchester 200 gr. Supreme AccuBond CT for one season. Terrible results, could not get a good a pattern at all. I did however shoot a nice Caribou. Switched last season to 180gr Supreme Ballistic Silvertip, WOW what a differnce, great Pattern and Plowed a 57" Moose at 100 yards. My two cents. Dont have any paper data just field.

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    I have a similar situation with Barnes 168 gr TTSX .30 cal. (300 WSM) I called them and they gave me an *estimated* BC along with all the powders they tested with max loads.

    I figure I'll work up a load and get results at 300, 400, 500, 600 yds etc. BC will change over distance and decrase in velocity anyway. So I hope to determine my own BC at various ranges.

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    Default 325 Recipes


    feel free to email me, I have some recipes, but not on this computer. I can tell you that with 180 gr I have shot easily <1MOA at 300 yds. Ballistics call for over 2000flbs of energy at 500 yds, with about a 26" drop.....quite the round in my opinion!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsonsmw View Post
    I shoot the Winchester 200 gr. Supreme AccuBond CT for one season. Terrible results, could not get a good a pattern at all...
    Interesting, and the flip side is my Kimber MT loves these factory loads. sub moa at 100. Last year I put 2 side by side one inch apart at 300yds.

    As for the first post and question. I have not shot the new Win ammo but would like to be able to buy some of the bullets if winchester would sell us some. I will be working up some loads with other bullets though. I too have some published data for other loads. pm me and I'll get it to you if you want.
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