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Thread: POW or PWS

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    Default POW or PWS

    Iam looking to do a DIY black bear hunt. Iam a poor college kid looking to have a hunt of a life time! What area do you think I could have the best time see the most bears for the least price? I live in oregon and would drive to POW but would fly to Anchroage than to PWS also how are fall hunts? where are the bears during the fall season?

    Thanks for ANY info!


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    POW gets less pressure, since Anchorage is so close to PWS. The bears will be on the salmon streams.

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    Hey Colton,
    My vote would be for POW. They have the highest bear population anywhere. I've been there 2 times and shot a 6'9" and a 7 footer. We saw tons of bears and everybody got one. I've done both mine in the spring, but would like to do a fall hunt because then you would have a chance at deer too. As for price. We paid $1200 one year to stay 5 nights and 6 days at a lodge with all meals, and boat rental. You paid for your gas. The next year we paid $1400 at the same place. The only problem is that now a guide has to take you or something like that. We went self guided. We also had to pay for a charter plane as the lodge we stayed at was a floating lodge in a remote area. Maybe not the cheapest hunt, but definitely a quality hunt. I know there are places where you can rent a truck and hunt on the logging roads, and you can rent a skiff from them too if you wanted to hunt the shore.

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    Neither of those would be your best option if finances are really a concern. When I was a poor college student (and now when I want to save money), I would hunt on foot off the road system. You can get into great black bear hunting off the road system in the Kenai Mountains or north of Talkeetna. I would do a fall hunt and concentrate on the alpine areas where bears are feeding on berries. Mid to late September would be my target dates for such a hunt. PWS is spectacular, but you're looking at $400-500 minimum for a drop off.

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    Default pow bears

    I have a place on p.o.w. and on the kenai penn. The size and sightings of black bear on p.o.w. far exceed what is here on the peninnsula.

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    Ive never been to POW or hunted PWS (yet)

    But from studying it seems that POW has more bears yet POWS bears typically have black muzzles ( Personally like the light brown muzzles found in PWS)


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