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Thread: DIY Black bear hunt

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    Default DIY Black bear hunt

    Hi my name is colton and Iam new to this forum. It looks like a pretty awesome site, so here is my first post! Does any one have any info on the prince william sound area for an DIY alaska bear hunt? how much it cots to fly from anchroage (SP??) to their and also just any experience or tips.

    Iam from Idaho and have never done any thing like this also when is the best time to go? To see the best number of black bears and not experience rubbed hides?



    (Alos intrestead in a POW area also)

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    PWS is an excellent resource to harvest blackies. The norm for interior bears is typically the 3rd week in May, although you do have some early & late bloomers. Costal bears are more fair weather bears. Past experiences in PWS with years of heavy snowfall, you'll find the bears coming out later. There are numerous Forest Service cabins available for rent, but they book up quickly. Access is typically by boat from Whittier/Valdez. One might find a blackies cruising the beaches, but remember if you hunt via boat, you'll have to beach and persue from shore. Be certain to bring good quality optics as you'll be scouring the shorelines and open areas a lot. Mid to late June they begin to rub, but I have seen some good coats in August, use your optics to ensure you want to take the animal rather than find yourself disappointed with the hide. Good luck on your endeavors...
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    Colton, If you do a search for PWS bear hunts in this forum you will find plenty of info. As a fellow non Alaskan that lives vicarously thru the natives on this forum, sit back and watch the posts for the next few weeks. They are fixin to start hitting the sound and posting stories and pictures. They really do an awesome and much appreciated job of sharing their trips.


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    From what I've read in, outdoor magazines and such, Prince of Wales is "the" place to go for a DIY blackie hunt. Do you Alaskans agree. Travel to POW is sure a lot more $ than to PWS. Does POW have as many "floating lodges" for bear as PWS? How does fishing compare between the two?

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    Default quit asking about P.O.W

    Don't sit around talk about P.O.W island.... JUST GO! It will be well worth your money!!
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    Plenty of great looking bears on POW, Kupreanof and Kuiu right now... once the big tides pass, king fishing should pick back up as an added bonus too...

    To answer the question above about "floating lodges"... one in the Bay of Pillars, and another that's mobile out of Juneau that I'm aware of... I'm sure there are others too... None will be "budget minded", but we sure had a blast this past week!

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