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Thread: Black powder Question?

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    Question Black powder Question?

    How long can I keep my blackpowder rifles and revolver of the cap-and-ball design loaded with the assurance of a reliable ignition?

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    I would say indefinetley. Black powder can get wet, then dried out again and it will fire. Blackpowder has no shelf life. I wouldnt keep powder in your barrel for long times if you think its gonna get humid in your house. Might corrode.

    I had tripple 7 pellets in my gun for a year and they went off just fine and to the point of aim too.

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    Default suet

    Some tricks down South to keep a blackpowder weapon loaded included:

    Use WonderWads and then pour just barely melted rendered beef or bear suet in the top of the cylinders.

    Lightly rub the nipples with bees wax (archery supply) before capping to help keep moisture out.

    Load under warm, dry conditions to start with.

    Oil the whole weapon well.

    On at least two occassions workers found and shot each other with loaded Civil War era pistols found in old houses being torn down.

    Remember that Wild Bill Hickock(arguably as proficient with Colt Navies as anyone) religiously shot, cleaned, and reloaded his pistols every day.

    There's an old song about cap-and-ball revolvers that goes something like "they are quick enough to get you into trouble, but not fast enough to get you out of trouble."

    Even then black powder and many substitutes are very corrosive.

    A nickle-plated or stainless weapon would be nice to have for long term loading.
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