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Thread: Looking for a used shock collar

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    Default Looking for a used shock collar

    In search of a used shock collar - have a stubborn lab pup so I'm looking for a water proof one. I am not brand particular - just looking for something that will do the job. I will gladly take suggestions/advice on where I might find one.

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    Default try here

    Give collar clinic a call. You tell them what you want to do with it, they will sell you the correct collar. They sell reconditioned ones with a one year warrenty. They don't sell the super cheap ones, and they will tell you why. I have been training dogs for 15+ years and they sell quality products, and thier service is awesome!! They have a website Get the phone number from there, and give them a call, it is well worth it!! Tell them you are a first time e-collar user, and they usually throw in a video of how to e-collar train. great people!
    Good luck!


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