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Thread: Pike in South Rolly Lake

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    Default Pike in South Rolly Lake

    Is it worth trying to fish this lake for Pike?

    I used to fish this lake for rainbows and it had some biggins (20 years ago). Does it still have big rainbows in it?

    Are there any other nearby (to Wasilla) lakes to fish for pike.

    I have fished Memory lake and caught 12" rainbows and a 12" pike from there.

    Sorry I am pestering with lots of questions but I want to broaden my horizens for fishing this summer. Got some kids who are ready to wet some lines.
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    I saw some people at the campground catching pike in south rolly last year. Here is a link to confirmed pike waters in south central. One that pops out as a good place to take kids around wasilla are Knik lake.
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    If you are patient, you should be able to get some pike. This is a fairly big lake so there is a lot of hiding places but there are some nice pike in there.
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