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Thread: More Ruger Alaskan Problems!

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    Default More Ruger Alaskan Problems!

    Guys, I would like some advice. I recentl bought a Ruger Alaskan .454 and have had problem after problem. First it would lock up in double action shooting .45 lead bullets. I sent it to Ruger and got it back. I just went to the range and the gun now shoots .45s great! Just when I was getting happy with the gun I switched to .454 Buffalo Boar hard cast bullets for the final test. Out of 10 shots I had one primer that failed to fire and almost all of the cases stuck so hard I had to pry them out.

    Do I have a lemon with this gun or is it an ammo problem with the BB bullets?

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    I don't own one, but both of those issues come up on the forums from time to time. My guess is that Ruger's .454 chambers are boared a little tighter than the norm... that would probably make them a little more accurate than usual when firing .45 lc, but then the casings stick whenever someone shoots powerful .454's through them. Maybe lighter loads would help?
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    Default Buffalo Bore

    I had the sticking issue with Magtech 454s. Seems they were a tad hot. Picked up a box of winchesters and had no problems.

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    Default clean cylnder

    Did you clean your cylinder thoroughly between firing the 45 L.C. loads and the 454?
    The cast 45 LC loads will leave a ring of carbon where the shorter brass ends then the 454's will stick. I had this problem in my FA years ago. No problems with my FA or SRH if kept clean.
    The 454 is a high pressure cartridge for a handgun and the cylinders MUST be clean.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Ruger Problems

    I did not clean between firings. However, some brass removed from chambers fit smoothly in other chambers that did not stick (4 of 6 stuck hard). I took the test casing that came w/ the gun and tested it for fit and it does not fit in any of the chambers? I am thinking that the QC on the chambers is not uniform and some need to be opended up slightly?

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    I would either send it back to Ruger or take it to a local smith and have the chambers polished.
    Which lead bullets are you shooting? Are you sure they are of the proper hardness and not causing everything to lead up?

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    I'd be willing to bet that it's dirty chambers. Shoot the 454 through the cleaned gun and see if it still sticks.


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