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    I have been AWARDED a biz trip up to Anchorage in August. Unfortunately my stay in Anchorage will only be about 24 hours total...but the meeting will only take 20 minutes!! My location in the city is Capt Cook Hotel.

    I would really like to try my luck at a few silvers if they are nearby! I have heard ship creek would be my best far.

    Anybody have details A-Z on how I can accomplish this in a short amount of time?? equip rental...i think there was an outfitter nearby that rents everything needed??


    never been excited about a biz trip until now!
    I know this is bad luck...but if I get skunked...where would you recommend that i buy some fish to take home??? can't come home from ak without salmon!

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    You are in luck. Everything you will need is within your reach.

    Absolutely plan your time to fish with Jim Lavrakas. Visit his site at Put yourself in his hands and you won't be sorry.

    Based on your defined schedule, there simply is no other recommendation for me to give you...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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