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Thread: I ran into a black bear yesterday after work

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    Default I ran into a black bear yesterday after work

    walking my dog at Centennial Park ...I was picking my way through a muddy part of the trail with the dog on a leash when he started acting up I raised my head to see a black bear about 20 feet in front of me hugging a tree like it was ready to go up it...We all looked at each other for a long minute, then the bear dropped to all fours and waddled off into the bush...Time for me to quit packin the J frame and take up the .45 Colt...The bear had a shiny black coat with a brown muzzle...really a nice looking young adult...

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    Which Centennial Park? There's more than one in Alaska.


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    Default Howdy...the one at Muldoon and the Glen...

    I have black bear encounters there every year around this time..Last year bears were raiding the campers and trash in the neighborhood...I only saw 3 that year 06 I saw 6 blackies and had close encounters with 3 of them..the folks (me) that live on Boundary Ave. have had to enclose our trash or use special containers to keep them out...My neighbor saw a grizzly in the area last year, but that was the only griz I heard about in the 6 years I've been living there...

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    As I wrote in another thread, I saw a black bear near there just a few hours ago. It was on the east side of the Glenn Hwy between Ship Creek and the Arctic Valley exit.


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