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Thread: bear baiting mat su

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    Default bear baiting mat su

    wanting to know if anyone has every bear baited around the little su river and if so anybody have success will be back in the area soon and trying to start up a good site i have a boat and such to do the river
    also is there any good bear baiting areas within an hour and a half from wasilla

    not looking for a spot but looking to go in the right direction

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    Default little sue

    Have baited the little sue river for several years and had good success. I mostly baited the upper river by jet boat but I think you could do well down river if you wanted to go that way. I usualy did not get any hits on the bait untill the 10th of May at the earliest. Good luck!

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    I have never tried it but I did find some a-holes bait barrel down there while moose hunting. Guess he thought no one would find it, so why bother taking it out huh!!!
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