I came up with a much better back seat for the argos if you have ever rode in the back you know what I mean flat and hard !!!! Well as I was working on taking the rest of my bus seats out of the bus. I had an idea. I welded some 1/2 inch tubing in a square that way you can take both of the seats out with ease to get to the floor panel (cost me $22 for 3 argos) I then drilled holes in the tubing and screwed the foam bottom seats in since they have pre-drilled holes with screw locks, Perfect fit same size as argo seat in length except taller a little wider and allot more easy on the butt. I also cut and welded a sigle seat with a back that goes across the back of the argo just like the front seat. Works great but not for the old folks I deal with to hard to climb in an out over the sides and they always try to use the tracks as a step and stretch the tracks. My wife is out of town with the camera or I would post photos.

Anyway I giving that back seat away to anybody who wants it I welded a plate on it so you can bolt it in. I also have a few more foam seat pads if you want ("FREE"). I'm using my "FREE" dump coupon next week to get rid of the rest if you want the back seat or any of the others let me know or its going to the land fill. I'm located close to the Spur road turn off to talkeetna