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Thread: Salmon fish sticks?

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    Default Salmon fish sticks?

    I have salmon. Kids want fishsticks. Got any ideas on how to make one from the other?



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    I make fish-stick shaped fried halibut/rockfish/lingcod for fish tacos...if I were trying to "sneak" in some salmon on my kids, I might just do it the same way. Try cutting a slim fish-stick shape of salmon, dip it in any basic batter (made fairly thin), then roll in Japanese breadcrumbs (Panko or other), and fry in hot oil for maybe 90 seconds. It'll come out very crunchy due to the bread crumbs. Since the bread crumbs are unseasoned, and the batter is usually thinner (I just use it thinner since I'm also using the crumbs) and so not very seasoned, I'll usually season the fish itself before coating it. Of course, with some tartar sauce, you don't really need any seasoning. I've deep fried salmon before, and it's great.
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    Eric if it's canned salmon you have..... Try this!

    This is close to the recipe I use for kid friendly salmon.

    Take a jar of salmon strain it and set aside. Place it in a bowl 3 pieces of bread crumbled, 1 Tbl. Worchestershire sauce, 1/4 cup mayo, 1 egg, chopped onions (optional), 2 Tbl. parsley flakes, 1 Tbl. Old Bay seasoning, 1 Tbl. prepared mustard. Mix ingredients until blended adding the salmon last. Then shape the fish into patties, balls, or sticks and if they don't roll up well, add more mayo. Next, dip them in a little beaten egg/milk mix. Proceed to take them out of the egg mix and gently roll them in instant dryed potatoe flakes. Fry in a 1/2" oil in cast iron and turn when slightly brown. Let them drain on a rack not touching each other, (if stacked on top of each other the steam from each piece will turn them soggy and not crunchy!)

    IMHO Salmon in fish sticks just isn't very good without proper seasoning. Salmon is just too fishy, and adding other goodies will mask that nasty salmon flavor (FOR KIDS!)

    Good luck!

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    Yummy. We use strips of salmon and soak them in egg, then take a sleeve of saltine crackers and smash them to bits. Take the egg washed strips and put them in the smashed saltines for a breading. Lowry's seasoned salt, black pepper, and garlic powder on top and deep fry in HOT oil. Kids love 'em, and dads do too!


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