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Thread: pike on the tanana

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    Default pike on the tanana

    any sizable pike in the tanana sloughs around delta area? do they go into the spawn after ice out up there like they do down here in southcentral. i imagine after ice out they go on a feeding frenzy like everything else.

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    Default Pike

    Thats funny that you asked that. A few years back I took off up this clearwater creek off the Tanana fishing for grayling, and got the surprize of my life. While fishing for grayling (not catching anything) I noticed the water boil across the creek,(to big for grayling) I looked at my buddy and ask did you see that? YEP thats a pike. Any way started throwing out pike bait and it ws non stop, 25- 35 inchers. Had alot of fun that year so tried it the next 4 years and nothing. I asked fish and game about it and there answer was that one year they could be here and the next they could be there, go figure. E.S.

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    Default spawning right now

    I see them all the time in the shallows as the ice goes out spawning. I have fished for them in early May, but now season doesn't start till late to protect those female spawners.


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