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Thread: Grizz control/Moose mgt around Delta Jct

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    Default Grizz control/Moose mgt around Delta Jct

    I enjoy hiking around the AK Range south of Delta looking for spring grizz. Was fortunate to harvest one in 06 and passed one up in 07. I was out this weekend and saw quite a few moose, some sheep, and ground squirrels up high but no grizz. One place I like to hike into was just too snowy - too much effort so it will have to wait until things melt a bit more.

    Sooo, I bought a 4 wheeler over the winter and am now looking to expand my hunt area (a little farther off the road system). I will help thin the bear popualtion if any of you nice fellas would be so kind to share some "where to go" info with me. I know where the Coal Mine Lakes trail is (still drifted in) but don't know of any others in the area?? Is there a trailhead into Jarvis Creek or do you kinda go x-country at the end of the CML trail?? Any help would be great. I live in FBKS so any thoughts on where to go around FBKS would be also be welcomed. You can PM me if you don't want the whole world to know.


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    There is a trail you take from Coal Mine Lakes road that will take you into Jarvis Creek, it's about a 5-6 mile ride but I imagine this time of year it's got to be darn near impossible to get there. I know there are bears in there, I saw a blonde grizz and a dark brown one halfway up a mountain eating blueberries. Since you have a wheeler you might want to think about the Paxson side of the Denali Highway.


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