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Thread: Talkeetna Mountains: Yellowjacket

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    Default Talkeetna Mountains: Yellowjacket

    Has anyone been in the Yellowjacket valley/ Chickaloon Pass region? It's in a part of the Talkeetnas that seems not to get a lot of traffic as it's fly-in access.

    I've been near there but always been curious about Yellowjacket. From descriptions it sounds similar to parts of the Goat Trail in the Wrangells, especially the scree slopes of the Chitistone valley.

    Links to photos of Yellowjacket or Chickaloon Pass much appreciated.


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    I've been through there twice. We didn't use planes but rather hiked in on foot from Eureka. I used a couple different routes that explored Caribou creek to its headwaters, Glass creek, the headwaters of the Oshetna river, the upper Chickaloon, and the Talkeetna river. Overall the mountains around there are pretty rugged, more than one might assume, with lots of sheer cliffs and canyons. There are game trails and old horse trails scattered throughout, and plenty of places with no trail at all. There is a good trail on the west side of the tricky canyons that guard the pass from the Chickaloon River to the headwaters of the Talkeetna. You're right Greg, it is similar to the Goat Trail in the Wrangells. Unfortunately I don't know much about Yellowjacket creek, except that I floated past it in my packraft on my way to Talkeetna. That was a whole other adventure within those trips!

    I attached a few photos. Sorry about the quality but these photos pre-date my digital camera days. One is from the top of the Chickaloon pass looking south at the canyons towards the Chickaloon river. The other is of a small pocket glacier on on a pass from Nowhere creek to the headwaters of the Talkeetna river. Pretty cool spots!

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