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Thread: Sand Lake in Anchorage

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    Default Sand Lake in Anchorage

    Hey guys, I was wondering how you access Sand Lake? I drove around it today and couldn't figure it out. I did see one walking path that led from the street (can't recall which street, Caravelle maybe?) but you'd have to park on the street. Any other access areas with a little more out-of-the-way parking? I'm anxious to get the canoe out and try for pike once the ice clears.



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    Sand lake elem. you go behind it. There is a path paved that will take you to the lake. That path if you looking at the school from the front is on the left side. There is a dock and a path that will go on for a little bit before it ends by some houses.
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    Default Sand Lake Access

    The best access I know of with good parking is off Sand lake road and 80th. Follow 80th to the end. There is parking and access to one of the channels. 75 yards and your on the lake. You can also walk down two different paths behind Sand lake elementary off Jewel Lake Rd. These take you to the east end of the lake. Shallow and weedy, there is a launch and dock on the south east side. There is a small entry creek on the north east side behind the school. I won't tell you which part of the lake opens up first.

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    hey i fish there alot during the summer. the access is off of sand lake road, the road by the old gravel pit. cant rember the name of the street but coming from diamond it is last road before you start going down the hill. follow that roat to end and the water is 20' from parking area. hot spot that i have found on that lake for trout is left when you get to main lake, pike are in the other direction. when you go to the right you will motice 2 small inlets like the one you take to get to main lake. the far one has alot of large pike in it, but you are fishing near planes and docks. but the fishing is awesome and not real deep 3'-8' at the very end i use to use my trolling motor and do slow circles near the lillypads, always pick up pike 23"-37" but after fish and game get in there it takes 2 to 3 weeks to fill back up. if you need better direction let me know i will drive out and write street names down. it is a public access to the lake and has fish and game sign there, also picked up a couple of pike right there but not many. hey sorry follow the link :
    this map is missing 1 chanell between the 2 shown but it is very shallow fish and game nets pike out of the lake and put them in here. it is a little deeper than the other 2 when you get in there harder to see the pike. well good luck and good fishing hope i helped. jeff

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    Default thank you!

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.


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    Good info


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    went down there today and the channel off of 80th is still frozen, school wasnt out yet so didnt want to go around there to check it out

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    Default Sand Lake yesterday

    I fished the east end of the lake yesterday. It was open about 50 yards out from shore. No hits, another guy fishing there had a hit on a lure though. This weekend the main lake will be ice free.

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    Default sandlake

    yea 80th is the best access. be careful though. folks appreciate their privacy but welcome all that respect the area.


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