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Thread: first loads went downrange today!!!!!

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    Talking first loads went downrange today!!!!!

    Well, I just fired my first handloads today! I was having issues with my barnes manual, so I worked up some speer 220gr hotcores for my 35 whelen. The first one that went off was such a great feeling! I worked them up in half grain incriments from 57-60 grains of RL-15 and the best ones were at about 59.5gr. It started out pretty sloppy (3.5" groups) then tightened up the higher I went. The range closed down when I was getting ready to shoot up my last batch at 60gr, but I was at 1.25" at 59.5gr. I am very curious to see what will happen at 60- but I am SO hooked on this now! I was like a little kid at christmas! All of the cases looked good to me, except the lighter weights had high primers but started to look better as the charge got over 58.5-which according to the speer #14 is a sign of low pressure correct? Well I am starting to ramble, but I just wanted to share this and thank everyone on here for all the help you gave me! It has made this learning experience that much more enjoyable! Thanks for having such a good forum!!!!!

    Also, it was a new rifle so I wanted to run some factory ammo through it just to get the scope and iron sights close. I bought some remington 250gr psp's and they were VERY dirty, smelled really funny after they were fired, and I had 2 misfires! Perfectly dented primers but no bang! I have never seen that before from factory ammo, especially from remington. I was just wondering if anyone else has had that problem, or if I just got a bad lot. Thanks All!!!!!


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    Thumbs up Congratulations!

    That's a great feeling to shoot ammo that you put together by yourself. It's only gets better when you get to kill something with your ammo to put meat in the freezer. I suppose you already know it's too late now and you're hooked forever on reloading. Welcome to the club. It's a great hobby and there's always more to learn.
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    Default Reloading

    Is haveing one addiction that feeds another habit. It only gets better. Welcome to the club !!
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