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Thread: Anyone use Sand Shrimp?

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    Default Anyone use Sand Shrimp?

    I have the new issue of Salmon/Steelhead Journal and they like to use cured Sand Shrimp. Anyone have any luck up here in alaska with these for bait? Just curious, if they worked well I might try them. I was thinking you would probably have to be in tidal water or salt water for them to be good.

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    last time i used sand shrimp was below bonnaville dam in oregon. worked well for salmon and sturgeon. have not seen them available in alaska. will they work? not sure but i would be willing to give them a try. if you got them try 'em.then let us know.jeff

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    Default Sure

    My #1 favorite bait in the world, but I always dug them and used them live. I don't believe there are any in here in AK
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    I am sure sand shrimp would work fine. However, I am not sure Kings in Alaska ever feed on the little critters. Seems like everyone in OR & WA use the them. Probably need to bring your own. I would think it would be easier to just buy regular (fronzen) shrimp (51-60) from the store because they are a lot less fragile.
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    I use the regular frozen shrimp for silvers and kings. 91-110 for silvers and the next larger size for kings. The kings were all in the Homer spit pond as I dont fish Kings where bait is legal.
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