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Thread: Yamaha 60/50 hp conversion for Kenai ??

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    Default Yamaha 60/50 hp conversion for Kenai ??

    This was talked about before but whats the latest information on this?? Thanks

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    Default No 60's

    They won't allow a 60 hp detuned. I think the reason is that there are so many 50's out there. I think they are worried about people not detuning them and just slapping a sticker on them. Sorry for the bad news.

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    Is this for real? Whats the difference between detuned 40, detuned 50, and detuned 60? 50 horse is 50 horse no matter how you arrive there.

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    Because it would make too much sense. My neighbor has a 18' Alumaweld that would do so much better with a 60 hp when/ if he goes out in the salt water. What is the difference in cowling size? Maybe you need to special order one.

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    The 60 to 50 horse is a viable option, I own one. The cowling is the same. The difference is the CDI and a restrictor plate in the intake. I up-tuned my 50 to a 60 because I never go on the river. I hope our local lawmakers are not going to be so picky as to not allow a detuned 60. As I mentioned above, it was allowed before. We already have a lot of two stroke owners that I feel are getting a bad rap, which really pi$$es me off (i'm not one of them)!

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    Yah, I'm buying a 16' sled and it has a 1987 40 hp detuned, so I get to up grade right away. Boat is 3 G's and the new motor is close to 6G's. Just to go chase a salmon once and a while. I guess some one needs to keep the motor companies in business. I was just hoping it wouldn't be me. You can still run a 2 stroke on the Kenai just not the month of July. Which happens to be the month that I can use the river the most. Go figure.


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