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    I just picked up a 14' semi V sears boat. It needs a little bit of work but was wanting some advice. I'd like to repair and build an actual floor for it. Under the floor I would like to spray some urethane for buoyoncy (sp) and to stiffen the hull a bit. This shouldn't be a problem should it? The boat is in decent shape. I will be redoing all of the rivets and fixing a few minor cracks. Has anyone run something like this on the kenai or little su? I had planned to run a 15 HP 4 stroke on it. Didn't know if it would be too small for these rivers. I have to try and find the boat ratings because the rating plate is rather ragged looking. I can strengthen the transom if needed also and will probably add some more strength to the floor and sides before placing the floor down. Looking for some advice on people that have a boat similar.

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    Just my experiance but I would not put anything in the bottom of a 14'er. You will just be adding weight that you dont really need. The Little Su is a great little river that I love very much but as long as your wearing your PFD there is not much to worry about. I run a 16'er with a 25hp (18hp jet) and am a little (okay a lot) under powered when running with the whole family. Have fun and good luck. CN

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    I can't imagine I will ever run more than 3 people. The problem I am seeing is the having a slick aluminum surface. Maybe put some wing walk on it? I'd like to keep it light as I will be adding certain strengthening points to it. It's kinda floppy as it is right now. I will also be adding some storoage underneath the seats as now it is just wasted space. I will probably start with a 15 horse and if I feel safe going bigger I probably will. I've never run the su before but know a few people that have. Was hoping they could go along on the maiden voyage. I also may consider having the bottom inside rhinolined or just herculine it myself. How many people do you run in yours? Mine is only rated to 750lbs with motor so that doesn't leave me with a lot.


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