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Thread: Suitable size boat question

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    Default Suitable size boat question

    We are considering purchase of a new Hewescraft cuddy cabin to explore PWS. We have four kids... so the 26' looks like the most suitable size. I am wondering if it would be wise to go with the 22' or 24' and put up with less boat. The plus in smaller size would be in initial cost, cost of fuel, and, depending on whether the economy gets worse, having less resources tied up in a boat.
    Anybody working with a smaller boat and appreciating the less cost versus bigger size? Up until recently, I've heard of mostly people wanting a bigger boat.
    Thank you for responding to my question.
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    After loading my 2 kids, dog, the two of us, and gear for a few days in our 22 foot, I think a 22' or24' cuddy would be a good bet for you. Just looking at Craig's Pacific Cruiser and the extra storage room it has compared to my Ocean Pro, the Cuddy, the storage and the seating arrangements are a big plus for hauling your family and gear.

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    Default size of the boat

    I just ordered the 26' cuddy with the full meal deal. I will not say i am over my head by any means on the boat. i will say that we did not plan on the 26' but the 22' or 24' cuddy. After reseaching all the boats and sizes and discussing it with the wife we decided that we don't plan on getting another boat for some time. We looked at what we would be doing with the boat, exploring PWS, fishing with friends, some diving etc. Next the days of having to rough it to all extremes are over. 'Y' Fuel, well its part of life as we know it and we just have to choose where we spend out money on a day to day basis. You can take the boat out in the winter so you are saving the fuel the rest of the yr for the boat times is where we are with it. Good luck and hope to see you on the water. T

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    what you need to decide is the level of comfort that you want.i bought a 22' searunner soft top, hard top had less deck space. i'm happy with the boat and have fished up to 6 people on the boat. 4 adults 2 teens. for overnight trips maybe 2 people or you get crowded. fuel burn is fine 40-45 gal main bay to montegue to hitchenbrook. do i wish i had a larger boat yes, but i can't afford one so i make sacrifices. does it fish nice yes but i would rather have the comfort that i can't afford. get what you can and enjoy it all you can. one suggestion go to the boat with all your family nd see how much room you actually have, then make your decision.jeff

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    Default The best boat size is always

    Two feet longer than the one you just purchased.

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    Talking OK AKMeier, tell us what you got?

    Valley rumor mill says you bought a boat:-D


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