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    What is the standard take out for floating Peters Creek? I was interested in learning more about the float and if people link up with the Kahiltna River and float downto the Yentna or get a take out on the way somewhere.



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    You dont want to run the Kahiltna from Peters. The traditional take out is at the mouth, call Willow Air. They'll get you in touch with Boyd at Shulin lake. That creek is a little tempermental, on day one you could be paddling a shallow clear stream and after a hard rain riding chocolate waves classII and III, pretty fun but ruins the fishing. At normal water levels you'll run into several 100-400 yard boulder gardens that make navigation challenging at times. I've run it 6 times and its blown out on me 3, if you get the weather right it a fantastic trip.

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    Barry Stanley at Denali air will also do a pick up at the Kahiltna. I have run it 4 or 5 fimes myself. Great float trip. Lots of work through the lower end. You can't fish for Kings until the last mile. Lots of rainbows and grayling. Not much for size, but some of the most beautiful bows I've ever seen.

    Good luck


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