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Thread: PWS subsistence Crab

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    Default PWS subsistence Crab

    Here is a link That I got from ADF&G on the PWS subsistence crab fishery.

    I pull up crab in port valdez all the time while shrimping. I got a big tanner(I think) a couple of days ago that was caught on the outside of my pot. Most of the time they are small and climb into the pot. It will be difficult to get out there in the winter I think to do any fishing for them, especially with the limit, 5 tanner a day and 3 king per season.

    But something is better than nothing.

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    Default Subsistance crab in Resurection bay.

    Dose anyone know if Res. Bay will be open?

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    I think maybe over time. It all depends on how Whitter and Homer do. If The crab can maintain in good number with recreational crabbers then I could see them expanding it to there.
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    Default Supplement to Crab Opening

    I got a supplement from F&G and attached it to Tanner Crab post. some some reason you can't reattach the same file. My copy did not have dates filled in for PWS ?????
    They talk about crab being open West of Green Island 147'20, which here is a TOPO map of that line.
    Once the dates are figured out I'll attach a poor mans Crab pot to my line and see if we get any thing. I know in the 70's we'd get 100# of legs in a weekend.
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