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Thread: Kenai mouth kings

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    Default Kenai mouth kings

    Does anyone ever fish the mouth of the Kenai in the ocean with a boat? I'm heading down to Homer twice this summer and would like to make a run up there. Just curious if there is a reason NOT to.
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    Default Hey pike-

    I'm pasting on a post made last year by a member of ths forum. Can't remember who! (my apologies to you, whoever you were, and please take credit if you read this)
    "I used to live on the bluff above the mouth of the river. We used to go down and fire pixies as far as we could and managed to catch kings and silvers there. We had the best luck by taking two pixies and removing the center out of one and then used a split ring to hold the two together, It made it heavier so it casted farther but i think the tink tink of the pixies banging together was the real benefit as far as catching the fish went.The water clarity is the main issue. There is a 25 foot deep hole just up from the mouth.... at least it used to be there. I have not fished it for almost 15 years but I bet when the water conditions are right that this hole holds many kings that are staging up to make their run. Might be a good spot to fish on the outgoing tide as this seems to be when they smell the river best and move in. Then I think they sit there until the tide begins to push and they go ahead and make a run. And yes, it seemed to us that these fish tended to be in ocean mode and bit very aggressivley. I have already decided I am going to spend some time sitting on it this year. See ya there!"


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