I found a little software application that takes your photos and turns them into a really fun slide/video with music. Perfect for promotional purposes and intro into a product or service. The company is www.animoto.com
I suggested THEY start a contest for Animoto videos that promote a non-profit cause, like mine for animal rescue, or habitat for humanity, relays for a cause, special olympics etc and select a winner.

Animoto said "Awsome, Outstanding Idea" but threw it back at ME to set it up (Like I have so much free time because I live in Alaska.Right)

But here it is: If you have photos of a non-profit event or subject on file, in Photoshop save the pictures "for web" at a max width of 1024 pixels. Go to www.animoto.com
You have the choice of making a 30 sec FREE video or puchase a year for $30 to make longer videos. I only had to do one 30 sec and I was hooked. My own videos made me cry. Once the photos are saved for web the rest is as easy as drag and drop. The hard part is selecting the music. I had no luck trying to download my music but they have a nice variety of royalty free music. I think that maybe better than the subject being distracted by well known music or having the FBI come knocking for Copywrite infringment.

I'm not sure how to organize a "showing" of the videos. We'd need to post them on a web site but mine is under construction, by me, at the moment. Any help in pulling this together would be great. I think we could get some local attention for the photographers with this.

Animoto will give a Year subscription to the "winner ($30 value )
The non-profit can put the video on their web site (and you on yours).

If you do sign up to produce the longer videos please put my name in the "recommended by" box.

Take a look at my videos at www.alaskadognews.com
video will start automatically at the bottom of the page.
Here is a video for the book I published. http://alaskadognews.com/abandoneddogs.aspx
Click to start it.

Is this too confusing? email me if you're interested in participating or helping.